The World Blind: Log 1

Log 1: The Beginning

Ever since handing it in, I’ve known that I want to polish and finish the game I made for my dissertation.

It’s come to a point when I think it’s time to stop wanting and start doing. 

I plan to keep several other projects in the making (games and writing and training my cat to recognise that when I hold up my index finger I’m telling her I’ll be back in a minute and she does not need to follow after me). This project is simply getting thrown into the mix. Bad idea? Maybe, but sometimes assuming something won’t work and giving up immediately is in itself a bad idea.

Keeping updates on my blog might help me keep some sort of schedule, so here I go. Life will inevitably get in the way so I think we can forget any prospect of regular updates right now. Today I’ll keep things short with just a quick overview of this game:

It is a narrative heavy game with choice mechanics, with a twist (that’s going to remain secret for now) titled ‘The World Blind’.

Wow, that was quick. That’s what we call an elevator pitch in the business, folks. Although I’d tell you what the twist was if I was actually doing an elevator pitch. As there are no elevators here I guess I can hold onto that a little longer.

Most of the groundwork for this game is already laid in the prototype I built for my dissertation, but I want to change a lot of  things. Almost everything in the game is my own work, from the artwork to the writing, and even though some of these things aren’t what I specialise in, I want them all to be not good or good for someone that doesn’t do a lot of art. I want to be proud of it all.

For now I’ll start with going back over some designs, especially where the main characters and the game map is concerned.

Wish me luck, watch out for updates and have faith in your choices.

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