Joie de Vivre

Joie de Vivre

They will tell you, and they will tell you twice,

Life Happens Once, is what they’ll tell you (twice)

And you will think Thank God.

You’ll think it’s a bit superfluous to live again,

Like watching the same film twice,

Which you won’t really like doing because you’ll be pretty good

At picking up details the first time round.


Then they will also tell you – three times they’ll tell you this,

Because this one’s important – they’ll tell you:

Life Is Short.

And you’ll say: No.

They will tell you it is, Life Is Short, and that’ll make it the second,

You’ll retaliate, because it’s not,

Life Is The Longest Thing You Do, you’ll say,

And they’ll repeat themselves (third time).

And you’ll give up after the third, just in case life is short.


What they’ll tell you next you won’t understand at first,

And even if you do understand

There’s no possible way you could, they’ll tell you,

So it’s best if you don’t understand this one:

They’ll say you’ll be twenty when you’re twenty,

And you’ll still be twenty when you’re



Even when your skin won’t hug your bones anymore

And you’ll be dying and dyeing the grey out of your hair,

They will say you will still think you’re twenty.


They’ll only tell you that previous one once; you won’t understand, remember?

But the last one – the last thing they’re going to tell you –

They’ll have said to you before,

Although they were only talking about the dinner you refused to finish.

Don’t Waste It.


After this you’ll think about your precious, twenty-forever, short, singular life.

They’ll have told you all of this while beaming, joking,

Honking laughs.

But you’ll be pretty good at picking up the details,

And won’t miss the black hole of fear behind their eyes.

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