Back of My Mind

Four individuals have been invited to visit a peculiar mansion by the enigmatic Donny. They know not the reason or the purpose of their visit. Donny has revealed only that they should enter the mansion on this particular night, and has entrusted a key to them with the vague instruction to “look around” as much as possible. But they are not the only ones roaming the corridors…

A Loaded Teaspoon created their second game during the summer of 2016, and I am proud to have contributed to the effort. Taking on a Steampunk theme, Back of My Mind focuses on the decryption of secrets and solving puzzles as quickly as possible as the player switches between controlling four different characters.

Seraphine, one of the four controllable characters.

Each character has a special skill which they uniquely use to solve the game’s puzzles and to progress further into the mansion with every solution. These puzzles involve lock-picking, finding the odd word out in poems, an exercise of control and filling in the blanks.

Similar to Lost in Babel (A Loaded Teaspoon’s first game), Back of My Mind was made in a very short amount of time. All team members were juggling other tasks such as internships, jobs, and in my case also moving out of my student house and back into campus accommodation while working on this game. Unfortunately not all members were available to take part either (see above for already crippling commitments), but we still had their support and feedback.

A word-puzzle…what could it mean?

Needless to say the work was stressful at times, but it has still been an experience I enjoyed taking part in. My role mostly consisted around the writing of the documents scattered throughout the game, some of them letters, some of them poems and some of them journals. That’s a lot of writing forms! Fortunately for a logophile like myself I had great fun doing this.

Back of My Mind is available to download for free from Other members of A Loaded Teaspoon who were involved can be found in the credits of the game’s title screen.

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