Island Foretold

My First Published Game

May 2016. The summer was beginning to settle its muggy bulk over England. In a mass exodus the students at the university handed in their room keys and ran home, hardly waiting until after they’d hugged their parents to ask what was for dinner that night. After their long months of studying the students anticipated a laid-back break, reclining in their freedom and in the sun.

Not me. I suppose I might have snatched some of that Vitamin D whenever I walked back to my room in the evening. But I remained living on-campus, spending my days inside the game lab, looking at islands on a computer screen until August.

And it was on that computer screen that me and four other students studying Game Design created our own island game: Island Foretold.

I was lucky enough to get an internship with Octopus 8 Studios for that summer, and spent an intense, frantic but fulfilling three months making a mobile game. Team Tako5 made and released what was our first complete game. And I want to share it here!

You find out more about the game and the team here, as well as links to download Island Foretold. The game is available on iOS and Android. Sorry Windows phone users!

There were three other teams making games alongside us, and the games each team released are competent and incredible. All things considered, it’s a marvel anyone managed to release anything:

A team made up of four or five students, all exhausted from their respective academic year, some of them balancing part-time jobs on top of the internship, left with three months to create and build a mobile game without a budget  – sound like a plan destined for disaster?

But this summer internship has been running for three years now, and every time the teams manage to make and finish a game. And I feel so lucky to have taken part in it.

So check out Island Foretold and the other games made with Octopus 8 Studios. Enjoy!


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